Friday, September 25, 2009

Alicia & Paul :: Sedona Azizona Enagament Session

So yeah, it was wow. Crazy wow. Wow times infinity even. Sedona Arizona is among the top 5 most beautiful places I've been to I'd say. Breathtaking hardly describes it.

I'll have the pleasure of shooting Alicia & Paul's wedding next year in Arizona. Having the engagement session in Sedona was actually dad's, (Alicia's) idea. Dad done good I'd say :)
If I'm honest, my images hardly do the beauty of whats there justice. That said, it was the perfect backdrop to present the love these two have for one another. Magic.

I went out of my norm and did some landscape photography in between poses from my couple. I'm NOT a landscape photographer but how couldn't I get a few? How'd I do?

Thanks for the warmth, (literally and emotional) Mills family. You'll know how to treat a guest. I look forward to February. :)

Blessing, have a fantastic weekend everyone.


The Mill's family boards horses. Everyone meet Seabuscuit. For real :)

Ladies & Gentleman......I give you Sedona.


Anonymous said...

Wow! These are awesome pics. Amazing scenery and couple

William said...

Awesome work as always Sam! Don't spend too much time in Arizona; you might end up quitting weddings and engagements and spend the rest of your life doing the Ansel Adams thing... Which might not actually be that bad, now that I think about it.

Anyways, great work, and I'm really looking forward to working with you one of these days. (Or at least having you come to a Marin Photo Group meeting.)

William Ross

Anonymous said...

Beauty in the Desert Sam you really bring it out, in the scenery and the people, Awesome work.

Penny Wyatt Photography said...

So beautiful! You did a wonderful job on the landscape. The engagement photos as usual were great also!

Jeff Ambrose said...

Awesome work Sam, Sedona really is a beautiful place. Like I said on fb if you need any help at all, carrying bags etc, with the wedding let me know I'd love to help out.

Jasper Van Tilburgh said...

Really breathtaking picturs! Totally amazing how you made the couple become one with the landscapes.

Anonymous said...


canon5dshooter said...

I have driven through Sedona twice but never actually stopped. It looks to be a beautiful place. Oh and your engagement photographs are awesome! Your photos make nice use of negative space.

Jacqueline said...

You mention on FB that you were coming to AZ. Didn't realize that you were going photographing some of my friends! AZ is beautiful! It a one of a kind state! Awesome work!


Sam Hassas said...

You guys are awesome. Thanks for stopping by everyone. Arizona was indeed beautiful. I go back in Feb. Thankfully it won't be 104 at 2 in the morning. ;)


ed pingol said...

Ezz nioce!!!

Dude, I think this is my fave shoot thus far from you. Keep raising the bar.


anerino originals said...

Great work here, hommie! Always love tuning in to see what you are up to!


Jacqueline said...

LOL Yeap! Feb. Is a nice time, if I ever get married I'll be sure not to plan my wedding in the 100 degree weather so that you can come out and do my pictures!

Gringo and a Mex. said...

Gringo: Wow, these shore are some niiiiice pictures, huh?
Mex: Si, senior, mucho nice'o.
Gringo: These two look like they're ready to tie the knot and tie it tight.
Mex: Si mi amigo. Viva La Paul and Alicia.
Vaye Con Dios

Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job! WOW! When are you going to post their wedding photos? I'm anxious to see them!

Anonymous said...

I cannot to see their wedding photos either!!!! Beautiful wedding

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