Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leah & Sam :: Engaged

This ones a bit more special to me. I've known Sam Silva for a long time. I think we first met when he was 7. MAN, when you say it like that. I'm getting old. Oh well, back to the story, I even rented a room from his good folks Cesar & Celina for about 3 years. These folks are family to me. Well Sammy's all grown up now and found himself a girl. Not bad dude, not bad at all. ;)

Shot Leah & Sam's session in Bezerkly Ca. (home of naked people that walk the streets). It's old architecture and real streets lent to a really great backdrop. I really dug the night shots on this session. Worked well. Congrats Sam Sam. Admire you 2 great young people and what you've become. Blessings.

Friends and family to Leah & Sam, say a hello to the bride and groom-to-be in the comments section below. :)



Pen said...

Love the "in the street" shots. Bonus points if one of the cabbies was holding the flash behind them in the second shot!

Max said...

Love the use of the surroundings in this one. They look happy and in love!

Saul.. said...

Awesome stuff dude I love the use of negative space... Im so glad that you were able to be apart of this special moment your a special guy to us Sam Hassas... Sam and leah you guys are an inspiration to me daily I love ya guys

Jennifer Connell said...

Nice pics!! Congrats to Sam and Leah!

Sam Hassas said...

Thanks for the love y'all. Just a couple weeks and Sam's married. Crazy.


Mercedes said...

Gorgeous photography! Seems like all my friends go for the best... Congratulations Sam and Leah!

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