Thursday, May 6, 2010

San Fransisco Family Session :: Gould Family

"San Francisco is a landfill for hearts"

~Sam Hassas

Blog, meet the Gould family, Gould family, meet the blog.

Peter is a multi-talented graphic designer who wanted some family/branding photos while here in the States on business. These guys are from Australia which makes them immediately cool. Cool by default. I didn't want them to leave and go back home without some California lovin. By the end of the day, I had them all saying "hecka" and eating In & Out. Go Niners!

Lots of firsts on this session.

  • first time shooting a family session in The City
  • first time shooting a family session AND brand photography at once
  • first time shooting Australians, (next February I get to shoot Australians IN Australia for a wedding. YAY ME!)
When you get a chance, have a look at Peter's awesome work.

Creative Cubed

Azaan Inspired Graphics

He will be heading up the new design for my new blog and website coming in a few short weeks. I'm hecka excited.

Happy Thursday :D


what a doll

and some for Peter's site and branding
clothes graphic guys wear. you wish you had a scarf this cool.
hecka chill
hecka ninja
hecka awesome.
hecka epic.


Anonymous said...

Sam - so many "favorites" in this session. The tiny cutie makes it really hard to decide. Glad I don't have to! :) ~Valerie

alohafred said...

hecka freaking nice Sam !!!
waouw !!!

applem00n said...

Yeah, I'd hire him based on your shots alone.

~Moi~ said...

Wow! The last shot....serious wow! Each time I look at your photography it just gets better and even more creative than the time before. Incredible set!

Stephanie Osborne said...

Love this session... You captured them SO well. And yes I do love the scarf, where on it earth did he get it I wonder?

Max A. Franks said...

Sickly Sickness McSick. (Sick = Awesome or other such adjective)

Amnah said...

Aaah, crazy!! I own a few pieces of his work. Love, love his stuff. Love, love your work. One day when I win the lottery I'm hiring you.

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