Monday, December 20, 2010

Villa Montalvo Wedding :: Kathryn & Eric

What a wedding!!!

My first go shooting a wedding at Villa Montalvo and hope it's not my last. WONDERFUL place. So much history there. The overall vibe, service and food was exceptional. Grade A folks at Villa Montalvo.
Kathryn and Eric had the most hilarious speeches and toast at their wedding. During a moment of reflection at the ceremony, one of Erics college buddies read a poem. In the most monotone reading vioce, he read the words, (in a poem tone) to the theme songs of the Facts of Life and Family Ties, down to the "sha la la la" at the end. HYSTERICAL!! It was one of the few times I wished I was a video guy just to record the speeches. So funny! You both are surrounded by wonderful loving people. ALL the best for the years to come. Merry Christmas guys.

Had 2 of my favorite helpers on this wedding as well. Quan came out as second and I had the assistant of Brian Gross as assistant. You guys both came through huge. THANK YOU!!

(OH, you HAVE to see the cake they had. I took 20 pics of it, yeah, that good!)


First meet. :)

The dudes

Love this.

and the rings please...

Is the grooms ring crazy or what. YES those are their prints.

Love this.

So yeah, this cake took record of most photographed cake EVER by me. Seriously, LOOK at this!! Everything you see is edible. The detail was amazing.

Brian took this. Perfect shot of both Q and I shooting simultaneously.


Joshua Gull said...

Insane cake and a very fun wedding it looks like. Just found your work not long ago and you're awesome man.

veli said...

like this series ... lots of funny pictures ...

Bryan said...

OMG, the "toast" shot is just fantastic. All around greatness.

jame said...

niiiiice.... beautiful beautiful bride... and very handsome groom

Marjorie said...

Kathyrn, your wedding was absolutely beautiful. Love the stairwell picture of you, very classic & that cake is way too cool. Your photographer took some great action shots. I liked the one of your bridesmaid with her hair in full swing mode. lol...

Thank you for sharing. =D

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