Wednesday, December 15, 2010

San Jose Family Photographer :: Franks Family

"Blog, meet the Franks, Franks, meet the blog."

I give you the Franks family. Mom and Dad are photographers. This is their rockin studio: Kristy Lynn - Hire them for a shoot, yeah? Excellent work!


Names I gave the boys while on the shoot:

Marcus, (oldest) - "Red"
Jarod - "Middles"
Sawyer - "3 year old stud with a Beatles shirt"
Grady - "The Baby"

Mucho fun when folks "get it". I'm fortunate for shooting for many photographers. It's nice when you put them in a weird pose and they don't look at you funny. ;) Crazy cool and up for anything. LOVE THAT!

Franks fam, you guys are amazing. So we do this annually?
Blog stalkers!! If your due for a set, you can expect it the days leading up to Christmas. Working round the clock!!



Relax....they're artist so it work. ;)

No photoshop here. NONE. Serious................ Okay not serious.

This is me trying to keep the attention of Sawyer here. Angry Birds FTW.

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Alicia Clifford said...

Adorable portrayal of such a fun family!!! I love all your crazy ideas ;) What a beautiful shoot

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