Saturday, December 18, 2010

San Jose Family Photographer :: The Camera Family

"HEY! I've seen her before!"

Yeah, you might remember Emily from a model shoot I did a while back for Evy's Tree a few months back. I had the chance to meet the rest of her family, along with her husband and sweetheart for a daughter, Sydney. What a doll!! She is just under a year old and PURE sugar. So incredibly sweet and amongst the most expressionative in her age group I've ever had the pleasure of shooting. You're a CUTIE Sydney, prepare for a line of boys out the door when you hit grades school.


Also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Julie for helping out as assistant on this session. You were the main reason we had so many smiles from our baby here. It's nice to have a mommy on the set that knows how to make funny faces. Looking forward to having you out again!!

Daddy little girl. Say hello to Steve.

Emily doing what she does well.

Thanks Julie!!


Susan Sanders said...

You have outdone yourself here. These are priceless treasures.

Anonymous said...

This place is really pretty! where is it?

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