Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Photography :: Evy's Tree

What a special session this was. Amy and Brandon have been long time friends of my family's. Amy started a home business of embellished men and woman's hoodies and other clothing to maintain being a SAHM, (stay-at-home-mom). Let me stop for a sec and say that SAHMs hold a high place with me. Nothing more worthy then making sure your little ones get the hands of their mommies to bandage their knees and wipe their boogies. My hat is off to ALL of you. I though it was very fitting to name her home based business "Evy's Tree" Who's Evy? Check the bottom of this post. I'd say she is a pretty fantastic reason to have all this fan fare.

So the good news is that Evy's tree is busting at the seems. Help has been hired and the business THRIVING. The next logical step was to get some promotional photos for their site and general branding. They call me! :)

After checking out our session images, hop over to Evy's Tree. They got some cool stuff for us dudes too. :)

OH!! I almost forgot. Most all the hair accessories and a few on the flower pendants were made by Mrs. Hassas! My wife is amazingly talented and has her hand in clothing and hair accessories. Don't forget to tell her how beautiful her stuff is! :)
Love you babe.

Evy's Tree on Etsy

Evy's Tree
- the official site

Thanks for having me guys. ALL the models did AWESOME!! (I hand picked).
BIG thank you to Ryan for coming out once again as assistant. We couldn't have moved as fast as we did without you!


Say hello Amy!
The Family
Behind the scenes

I truley apologies for this shot Ryan. You did pose this well however. ;)


Mande said...

What a fantastic shoot!! Gorgeous!! LOVE these pictures and Amy is so wonderful too!! xo

Susan Sanders said...

Wow. Love these. Bunches.

Dear Lillie said...

Oh my goodness! These are stunning! Amy's clothes are beautiful and these shots are gorgeous!

Amy said...

Sam, these pictures are seriously AMAZING. I am beyond pleased. You did such an incredible job posing everyone and getting all the chaos organized! :) We love you and Moni so much. xoxo

Collecting Moments of 3 Petites Dames said...

I will say it again, Amazed @ you & your Lovely Wifes talent! You both are such awesome people.

Fashion Today said...

These are wonderful images, love the tones and colors! Great portraiture!

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