Wednesday, September 29, 2010

San Jose Engagement Photographer :: Genista & Vicente


It's what this session was. I think the photos will express this as well.


Say Hello Genista & Vicente! Shooting for these guys this coming December. I love weddings around the Holiday Season. So festive that time of year. This one will be no exception.
For this session we found an abandoned warehouse. What a find! Did we ask permission to go in? Ummmm, yeah. Of course we did.

Happy Wednesday!



Anonymous said...

Wow... awesome!!! You have some killer timing!

Charity said...

I L O V E these pictures!!! They're amazing.....great capture of her pretty hair and the contrasts of the background/subject.

Jennifer Connell said...

Congrats Genista! You look beautiful, love ya! :) Good job Sam!

JAMES said...

you look beautiful as always and by my son even better. Vicente' I'm so proud of you, you have found a wonderful helpmate may God bless you both your pictures look AWESOME love your future mother -in law Cecilia

JAMES said...

Genista and Vicente'
Congratulations! Only 30 days left are you nervous ;] I'm excited! I will gain a new daughter I love the pictures you two came out wonderful they look like you had a lot a fun when you took them,something I would do fun, fun, fun,we love you both bunches
Mom and dad

Anonymous said...

Aww these pic are soo cute was shocked haha they look so indi awsome haha u guys look cute together i guess haha vic ur still a loser but i love you both k!
love always Malarie!

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