Friday, October 1, 2010

San Jose Wedding Photographer :: Mary & Savva

"Hello blog. You are entry number 4 in 7 days. I love you and the thoughts of leaving you soon are unbearable. You've been a faithful friend. My one and"

(new site and blog coming REALLY soon.)

Mary and Savva, (said just like it sounds) plan on marrying just around the corner. Looking forward to their Greek ceremony (him) and Persian and Persian reception, (her). Thanks for being up for anything. Looking forward to the wedding! Can I bring a crown to wear as well?


Big thank you to Shari & Ty for the referral! You wedding is STILL talked about by many clients who come to me wanting their wedding at the Westin St. Francis. :)

Happy Friday!!


Love this.

Love this too.
Love this 3.


Amnah said...

My goodness.

Jeremy said...

Sweet. Sweet Sweet.

Wunda Girl said...

Ah- love the photos- great shots. May I ask you...Where in the world is that great big red brick wall???!!!!! LOVE it.

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