Saturday, March 27, 2010

San Francisco Wedding at The Westin St. Francis :: Shari & Ty

San Francisco.....

Union Square.....

Westin St. Francis.....

Penthouse Ballroom.....


Shari and Ty's wedding was.....I don't even know the word. The planets aligned and the day was incredible. Having this much awesome in one place isn't legal, (Shari just passed The State Bar Exam so she could prove beyond a reasonable doubt of it's legality). Shari, you were stunning. Wow. Ty, good grief dude, you give Connery, Brosnan and Daniel Craig all a run for their money. Nice tux. :)

To top things off, we also did a post wedding session with these guys. Best part!! I had a videographer shoot a behind-the-scenes of our day together. Be sure to see the vid below. Sooooo cool! (there are also some scenes from Danielle and Michael's engagement session. Stay tuned for their blog entry and ANOTHER video early next week!)

BIG thanks to Shari's sister Ferida for referring me. :) I had the pleasure of shooting a family session for them early last year. Also wanted to say THANK YOU to Ben of Benshoots photography for helping as second shooter. You did well my friend. We shot a wedding the NEXT DAY in Sacramento totaling 24hrs of wedding photography in 2 days. It was nuts.

Happy Saturday folks!


Shot by Ben

Shot by Ben

So regal.
A fav

Speech of speeches. No dry eyes.

YES!!! His mother-in-law. :)


Hassas Promo 2 from Sam Hassas on Vimeo.


pure7studios said...

that silhouette shot= ingenious.

Anonymous said...

Remarkable set, Sam, This is one of my favorite 2 weddings i have seen from you, the other being the really colorful one with all the ladders.

-Shane Engelking

Josh said...

Fabulous work as always Sam. Cheers for the behind the scenes!

pLn said...

take me as a trainee please:)

Sunny Jesaitis said...

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