Monday, March 1, 2010

Lake Tahoe Engagement Session :: Haleh & Ramtin

So you've heard about a destination wedding, well how bout a destination engagement session?! Just as much awesome sauce.
Lake Tahoe means a lot to Haleh and Ramtin. Early in their courtship, they spent many day there, enjoying all it's majesty. This place is so tranquil. Having their engagement session their was an easy decision. Greatest thing about the Bay area is if you want a snow escape, it's only 3 hours away. When you get your fill, come back home :)
Congrats guys. Looking forward to the wedding.
If any current clients have any neat ideas on where to have YOUR engagement session, I'm all ears. Lets make some magic.

Cheers and Happy Monday folks..



One of my favs.
another fav
Boom. Tahoe.

another fav.


Stephanie Osborne said...

Beautiful! I love the concept behind the icicle ring shot and especially love the shot of the snow flakes on her eye lashes!

Diamond Bridal Gallery said...

Love every picture !!!

Spencer Boerup Photography said...

Icycle ringshots OMG. killer set man, you pwnd us all.

Cynthia said...

I just love the snow photos. I took quite a lot of photos of my daughter in the snow and I love the light that reflects off the white. Great work!

Jerry Gomez said...

**Tears.... I can't wait to work with you Sam......

Anonymous said...

Sam - I'm a friend and fan of Tony H. and I found your website through him. You don't know it, but I've been stalking your blog for at least a year. Usually I don't comment even though every entry of yours warrants one. Just have to say that the last shot here is like a Banana Republic advertisement. I practically live in their clothes. If I worked for them I would hire you to do an ad!!! ~Valerie

Yee said...

Your creativity with ALL of your ring shots is unparalleled. Keep rockin' the lenses!!!

Max said...

Sick, SICK, (as is awesome sick) ring shot on the icicle. love that creativity.

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