Monday, March 15, 2010

Wedding at the Palm Event Center :: Marissa & Manny

So I should probably sign up for a frequent flier program with the Palm Event Center. ;)

Mi peeps. I'm back. Did you miss me?

Everyone say hello to Marissa & Manny.
This cool couple were married at the ever-gorgeous Palm Event Center in Pleasanton CA. I tell you, the great think about being a wedding photographer in the Bay Area is the amount of diversity we get. So many cultures clashing together which end in some crazy good times. In this case, Mexican chick meets Filipino dude. Flip likes the Mexi. Mexi likes the Flip. They go on a date and then decide to marry, (okay more then one date but still). YAY for cultures! Awesome wedding guys. Thanks for having us! :)

Quan was second shooter here and did what he always does. He's actually in Vietnam as we speak. He was hired by the U.S. Government to recue Colonel Samuel Troutman. Okay not really but it sounded better then, "he's on vacation" If your reading this Q, bring me back something cool. Happy Monday.


Image by Quan

Image by Quan
One of my faves.



Max said...

Super cool wedding Sam... i really like the bride and her girls shot as they're stepping with the vineyards in the background...and that Quan is rockin too!

Luke Snyder Studio said...

diggity dog dig it. first and last shots are my favs. thinkin the "which shoes" is my fav.

Alex Singh said...

The shoes in the tree are beautiful. I also love the picture of the bridal party. What a fantastic background! Your collages are fantastic. As always, great work.

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