Friday, March 5, 2010

Marin Ca. Wedding :: Leah & Sam

This ones close to the heart.

For 3 years I rented a room with the Silva family. At that time, Sam (it was Sammy back then) was barely 10 years old. I rent a room but became family really soon. I have fond memories with these great people.

Celina, I miss your dinners. :)
Cesar, I miss our conversations :)
Saul, I don't miss your gas. :S

Congrats Sammy. You got a good one.

To the bride and groom, now that your one unit, make some awesome. Ingredients for making awesome are love, laughter, hard-work and bacon.

Quan came out as assistant on this one not a second shooter. Just for kicks, he relegated himself to 1 camera and 1 lens, can you guess which?) the entire day. Bravo my friend. Once again, you killed it.

Happy Friday everyone.


Quan's shot
First meet. Both cried. So did I. :(

Love this one. Quan's shot

Quan's shot

man. wow.

Quan's shot
Other stuff:

Love these peeps.

Dude, sniffing the apple cider, (we're still not sure why) is my best friend Ari.
And this........thanks quan


Jeff Ambrose said...

quan rocking the 45 ts as an only lens, baller!

Max said...

Sam and Quan - awe-inspiring work doods.

The Memory Journalists said...

Wow! Incredible work. The first meet shot had me crying too! I could feel the love through these pics.

Anonymous said...

I think Bro Silva is again gracefully..thank you very much.

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

Apple Cider enthusiasts are the only ones that can appreciate what I was doing in that picture.


Alex Singh said...

Great work as always and a touching connection to the bride and groom.

Diamond Bridal Gallery said...

Awesome !!! love every picture

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