Wednesday, February 24, 2010

San Jose Engagement Session :: Janice & Phil

Janice loves Phil. Like, a lot. Why? Dudes drives a wicked BMW. I kinda have a man-crush on him as well. I think it's the bald head.

Yo my PEEPS!! Meet Janice and Phil. Stylish. Hot. Fun. I can already imagine how fun their wedding will be. It's gonna be a Filipino mosh-pit on the dance floor during the reception. Their wedding will be in the City at The Intercontinental Hotel.
Marriage will be made. Love will be felt. Fun will be had. Lumpia will be eaten.

Big thanks to 3 people! Firstly, thank you Cathy & Nate for referring these awesome folks to us. Secondly, thank you Ed Pingol for also referring them. :) Yeah, they came to us having been referred by 2 separate folks. HA! It's fate.
Lastly, thank you Quan D. for helping out as assistant on this one. I love this guy even more then Phil's Beemer. Even when he isn't trying, he takes good shots. All the behind the scenes were taken by him.

Thanks for the good time guys. Happy Thursday folks.


I love the shot on the right.
From the few hours we spent together, THIS shot felt like what they are together when it's just the 2 of them. So sweet.
Phil sells drugs..... I mean, he has to right?

Quan's shot.

And........the car.
BEHIND THE SCENES. Thank you Quan. :)


Anonymous said...

I love the shot on the right too. Sam = Hot Sauce

Janice Leguidleguid said...

Sam the MAN!!! The pictures are fantabulous!!! Thank you so much. We had a blast. We can't wait until the wedding!! We like so many...impossible to just name a few!

Anonymous said...

Sam...the pics are AWESOME!!!! I'm glad that Janice and Phil chose you to be their photographer!! I know you will do a great job for them and I hope they have just as much fun as Nathaniel and I did working with you!

Max said...

Sam! These are great! I hate to admit it, but, I've been neglecting your more! these are so inspiring! Thanks!

john salgado said...

your work is amazing,you are truly original, peace..

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