Friday, February 5, 2010

San Francisco Engagement Session :: Janell & Oleg

This blog post is P. Diddy approved.

On my chopping block I give you Janell & Oleg. We went to San Francisco and left our hearts there. :P
I really try and venture to different location when I do go the the city. This time around we went to Van Ness and later to the Mission District. Both places offered as an awesome backdrop. We went on a ROOF! Did we ask permission? No. Would we do it again? Yes. Congrats my friends. Weddings gonna rock!

Big ups top my main man, (seriously, he is my main, man) QUAN for help as assistant. Hope y'all dig the set. Thanks for the blog love guys. :)

Lastly, I've answer 100+ random questions here:

Sam's Form Spring

Go make an account. It's free. It's fun. It's anonymous.


The Roof.

Another Fave.

Such a tender moment.


Jennifer Connell said...

I love the roof shot! Way cool!

T said...

One word: EPIC.

amber dodd. said...

The roof shot alone is epic! Awesomeness!!

BK said...

So yeah you have made it to my iGoogle RSS feed.
Congrats Sammy.
It is the highest award I can bestow.
Just saying...

Saad Syed said...

The best thing about you couple session is that the couples always seem so natural and happy. They always seem to be themselves. I've been out of touch with my favorite blogs and decided to catch up on them - yours is the first one I went to =)

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