Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seattle Wedding :: Janice & Lee

I've waited a while to blog this wedding. So much WOW. I went to Seattle, (Poulsbo) to shoot this one at this really awesome place called Farm Kitchen. Not my first visit to Seattle as I had shot their engagement session their some months earlier. I have to say that this wedding was a highlight in 09'. Everything was so good.

Guys got ready in Seattle and took a ferry to come over to the island. Girls got ready at this cabin. For being a really rainy city, the weather couldn't have been better. The light was amazing. So good. WAIT till you see her details. Mostly all were hand done and nothing less then awe inspiring.

BIG thanks to my buddy Sergio for helping out as second shooter. He helped out during the engagement session and come time for the wedding Janice & Lee asked for him exclusively. You really need to see his take on his blog.

Also want to say thanks to Josh for helping out as assistant well.

Happy Wednesday folks!

Janice's gift to her bridesmaids. Each girl got a special ring from Janice. Love it.

The 25 picture detail collage

The first meeting......

American Gothic meets Janice & Lee
The crew.
I'm still not sure why I had Janice hold the robot. Just felt right, who knows?
The dudes.

Sergios shot.One of my personal faves.

The wedding programs. The covers were all made by Janice & Lee and represent their favorite books and stories growing up. Janice's and Lee each held up their favorites.

This was DURING the ceremony across the field.


The en....beginning.


Yee said...

So AMAZINGLY good - every picture has such depth and vibrance!!!

Aron said...

So personal Sam...bravo.

ari S. said...

Sam. You're awesome.

Francis Joseph said...

Love this one a lot, Sam. Fun and daring.

T said...

LOVE it.

Lisa said...

wow, wow, wow-- I love these... the 25 colage just takes it to another level, they are all amazing!

Jerry Gomez said...

Dude, this is one of my Favs!!

Brian Gross : Photographer said...

I see 7 people beat me to it but seriously this is on another level good. Wow man.

Tracey Buyce said...

Beautiful work!

Mark said...

Good to see your work.
Really nice set. Has all the trademark Sam H: colors, compositions and the Sam touch with the people.

Fun to see a highly talented photog at work.

Sweetness Sam .... sweetness.


Henry said...

awesome set, I'm loving that tug of war group shot, might have to steal that from ya :P

Stephanie Osborne said...

I love the dress shot, looks like movement in the bokeh of the trees above. Lovely!

kristylynnphotography said...

stunningly amazing work. loving the way you rock the tilt shift and really really loving all the creative angles. :)

Haley Poulos said...

So many lovely ones ... but robot FTW, obviously.

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