Monday, April 27, 2009

Janice & Lee :: Seattle Engagement

Such natural chemistry. THAT'S what makes this set so special. I'll have the awesome privilege of shooting Janice and Lee's wedding in September in Seattle. Excited for them as it's destined to be quite a wedding. They will be married at Farm Kitchen in Poulsbo WA. (stones throw from Seattle). Looks like such a charming location.

So I flew up and back the SAME day for their engagement session in Seattle. I literally arrived, shot, ate Pho, (what else do you eat when in Seattle) and flew home. :) loved my time their and LOVED this session through and through. I know I've said that some couple look like they stepped out of a magazine but come on.....these guys! Like peanut butter and jelly how fitting they are together. SO fun shooting for them.

I also had the distinct privilege of shooting along side one of Seattle's best! I'm not talking coffee either. My buddy, Sergio Mottola, came out to play on this one. This dude is pure talent. He's steadily holdin it down and is a force to be reckoned with. He'll be shooting this one with me in September. Have a look at his work and his take on the day. Prepare for the awesome: Serg

Look out for a wedding or 2 to be blogged within the next few days. Thanks again, and enjoy your week folks. :)


I thought of this shot on the plane ride over. Seattle. Starbucks. Peets. Coffee, get it?


nLighten Images said...

I smell J-crew ad. good stuff as usual.

Shona said...

You do such great work Sam! I checked out photoshop disasters per your recent post and I have been laughing my butt off! How do these people keep their jobs!?

ryan flynn said...

probably my favorite eshoot of yours. next time you're in my backyard for more than a couple hours, hit me up, i'll buy you some pho. :)

Anonymous said...

Me likey :))) Good Job!!

Monica Hassas said...
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Monica Hassas said...

LOVE this session - it's one of my faves! I totally heart Janice's sweater/skirt outfit. Please let her know I would gladly take her hand-me-downs once she tires of them. ;)

Anonymous said...

What equipment do you use? do you use any fill light or is that all natural?


Door51 Photography said...

This is a really wonderful set. It actually "moved me".

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