Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ashley & Erik :: Wedding

A Valentines wedding day.
Well ,I sacrificed my (and my poor wifes) Valentines day to shoot this wedding. So as not to get in trouble with the wifey, I won't say I'd do it over again, HOWEVER, this was a real party of a wedding. These folks were so FUN! Wow! And might I add that they are totally in love with each other. I think their story truly will result in a "and they lived happily ever after" **tear**

Thank you Ashley and Erik for inviting me to be a part of your AWESOME celebration. I had loads of fun. You'll remember these cool cats their very engaging and equally hilarious engagement session from a few months back. Y'all rock!

Big thanks to Brian Lingle and my man Quan D. for bringin the business. You guys are awesome helpers. Quan played an excellant role as second shooter on this one. Be sure to check him out here. Quan D.


Ceremony/Reception :: Sesnon House
Dress :: David's Bridal
DJ :: DJ Beebo (831) 818.4327
Limo Service :: Elite Limo


JeShUa said...

You went a little crazy with the wide angle haha.

Love the macro shots.. cake shot is perfect.

oopaddy said...

i always wonder if you just get the best weddings or if you MAKE them your best, but than again, I know life can't be THAT easy for you! well done :)

Michelle Farkas (your stalker) said...

Love, love, LOVE the shot of the ring on the nail polish. So cool!

Hey, you should do a post one of these days about how you came to be such a kick-ass photographer. Did it start out as a casual hobby? Did you take classes? Did you just sort of fall into it?

I love to hear how people get started, especially if it was something they didn't necessarily always want to do or go to school for.

Natacha said...

I keep coming back to your blog! Totally love your work! You really do make everyone look beautiful! And I all so agree with your stalker Michelle :) sorry Michelle just quoting, how did you get into Weddings?

Sam Hassas said...

Thanks guys and girls.

I'm putting together a "what would Sam Do" post. In it, you'll see some of my history, along with an my arsenal of gear, video, and a list of helps for all those interested. Look for it. It will answer a lot of questions. Cheers.


Natacha said...

Looking forward to the post!

Joe said...

Try going to wedding catering

Joe said...

Try going to

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