Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Nydam Family

Great family + cute kids + roly poly bugs = awesome photos. Shot the Nydam family a few weeks back and the photo above is amongst my favorite ever taken. She just pops. What a doll! Little brother was quite the ham as well. You guys are an awesome family.

On a side note, this is the VERY park I was attacked by my unnamed tick friend. I'm gathering from over 50 names I've had come in from my various internet habitations. You'll see a vote poll to the right here in a few days with my favorite 5-10 listed. THANKS EVERYONE! Enjoy the shots.


I love how resolute his expression is here.

The hunt is on.....

the end.....


-quan said...

doode i love that first shot very much! VERAY NIOCE!

wi five

Monica Hassas said...

The kids are adorable! Love the first pic!

The Memory Journalists said...

That little boy couldn't be cuter!

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