Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Steph Velez :: Senior Session

Look who's graduating! Stephanie has been a dear friend to my wife and I for MANY year. She is a doll. Smart, sassy and she can sannnnng. She and her mom Lu sang at, get this, MY wedding! This girl's got talent. I'm officially putting it out there that if any dude are interested in Steph, they must come through my wife and I for full approval first. After us you have to deal with Lu. ;) We love you and are soooo proud of you sweetheart. Go get em girl.



Mary Frances said...

LOVE the one of her steppin on the books and jumpin in the street!! AND how did you do the last one of her dancing?!?! LOL

Jenn Slaughter Photography said...

Love the gifs you've been doing lately!

Suzzy Dee Photography said...

alrighty, i know that you dont know me, but hey i know you, well know of you. im a young photographer, and i am so inspired by your work!!! oh yeah my name is suzanna er suzy. but yeah your work is AMAZING!
check out my blog.
thank you. bye=]

Lisa Gardere said...

She is absolutly beautiful!

eleanor hope said...

omg! the best yet! i screamed out loud with delight when i saw the last one of steph dancing! so cute.

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