Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tammie & Mike :: Engagement

So, I sacrificed my Fourth of July this year to shoot a wedding. Bummer, right? I DO have good reason however. I get to shoot a wedding for Tammie and Mike, (the love birds above, get it? Love birds? Never mind...) and it will be on a boat!! Yes indeed. Every girls got her dream wedding in mind and Tammie's is to have it while celebrating our Independence. In her own words she's very much the "All American Girl" :) I like.

While out to shoot another wedding with me, Hoffer came out to play on this one as well. Actually, it was his idea to do the evening session at the Carnival. AWESOME! I loved shooting there. After you see what we created here, go check out his take as well. Tony Hoffer

Counting down the days to shoot for you guys. Mike, thanks for letting Tammie splash water in your face, all in the name of ART! :) You guys are coolio in my book. Cheers!


Catie Ronquillo said...

Sweet light! And love the shots going down the slide. When you scroll down the page, it's like an instant flip book :)

Kevin Lam said...

Nice job Sam. How long is your engagement session? Goes from day to night!

Mealy said...

LOL at the shot with the word bubbles and Hoffer in it! Almost peed my pants at the "White Power" Pigeon. Awesome shoot dude.

Jacqueline said...

Looks like a fun couple!!!

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