Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amanda & Matt :: Wedding at Adison Oak, Michigan

Hey folks. Amanda and Matt's wedding was the other one I shot while in Michigan. They came down to the Bay Area several months back to shoot their engagement session with me. Beautiful wedding for an equally beautiful couple. Matt does some photography as well. Check him out.
I especially appreciated the toasts presented during this wedding. Very sincere and touching. Your families love you much guys. Feel blessed.
Thanks a million to Josh from Evolved Photography for help as assistant here on this shoot. Big help my friend. Also want to thank Hans for the help that day as well as the previous. You guys made this Californian welcome. Much love.

Happy Wednesday.


Beautiful dress Amanda. You looked stunning. To me, she was a cross between Drew Barrymore and Marylin. "Marymoore"

Unformal formal.

Toast. I believe this was Matt's brother. Said this, "he's not just Matt, he's our Matt". Loved that.

Thank you Josh for coming out as assistant for this wedding. Dude ripped his shirt the first hour of the day. Too funny.


Amy said...

Beautiful, Sam! You and Scott are the best! Someday soon we hope to have a Sam Hassas photo of the Miraflor family on our wall. :)

Josh Evilsizor said...

hahah.. the staple job looks great! Thanks for the opportunity to assist, I had a great time! Amanda and Matt were great and I wish them many happy years together!

T said...

All sorts of awesome. It's hard to choose a favorite shot, but I know I want that informal formal one from my wedding!

Anthony Luna said...

Rippin' clothes on the wedding day - classic! Great work Sam.

clippingimages said...

very innovative photography..........

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