Friday, October 15, 2010

Sacramento Wedding Photographer :: Anna & Chris

Of the many different subjects the camera can approach, my predominant subject has been weddings. I love it, I love it a thousand times I love it.
It's weddings such as these that reminds me of my passion and why it.

THANK YOU Anna and Chris. Your wedding was spectacular to capture. So many friends at this wedding as well. Followers of this blog, you'll recognize many many many many familiar faces here. ;) I'll never grow old of shooting for The Rock, HOLLA! you guys are all a treat to be around.

Enjoy the shots friends. Your comments are always appreciated. Everyone enjoy your weekend. Blessings!



Kim said...

Fabulous! As usual, you always photograph the most adorable children ever! And yes, I'm biased! Love your work!

Sergio said...

I love, love this coverage. Sam, your image tenacity is amazing!


Rev. and Mrs. Zotzman's Blog said...

Sam da' Man has done it yet again! These pictures are awesome!!! We love your photography! Congrats to Chris and Anna, we love you guys!

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