Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Mary's Cathedral San Fransisco :: Marie & Paulo's Wedding

Random fact: Other then the US, break-dancing is biggest in Japan.

Don't you wish YOU had break-dancers at your last wedding? These guys put on a 15 minute show for the party. So cool.
The ceremony itself was at St. Mary's Cathedral. Beautiful place with HUGE vaulted ceilings. Last year we shot Hillary and John's wedding there. Reception was at Pavilion by the Bay on Treasure Island in San Fransisco. Both really great places to have as a backdrop for your wedding. Marie and APulo, enjoy your new lives together. Go make babies. LOTS of em.
Thanks to Quan D for helping out as assistant for this wedding. All good all the time.
Also wanted to thank my buddy Maurice for inspiration on the first shot in my my header. Thanks M!


Probably amongst my top 10 favorite PJ shots this year. So much story here.

I can do this. Really, I can.....okay I can't.



Sassani Photography said...

Looks like a fun wedding. Some great shots in there! Another killer set, Sam. ;)

Nick said...

That's gotta be the coolest reception ever! Awesome!

Kathy Ray said...

Again Sam, Amazing and Beautiful Work! Bravo and I hope you feel better soon, KR

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