Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Wedding in Tasmania :: Sam & Ian

I went to Australia. I came back with these pics as souvenirs.

So this set has been a long time coming. Sam & Ian thought enough of our work to have us for their fantastic Australian wedding. I can't say enough. It was epic. The week before the wedding I had the privilege of shooting their engagement session in Sydney.

The people, the culture and the food. The experiance was amazing and the wedding was over the top. Ian is from Houbart, a town just on the other side of Launceston Tasmania where our wedding took place. Sam our bride is actually British and many of her family members made the trek from England to be a part. Matter of fact, there
were family member from all over the world. I was even trumped as most distant traveler. Sam, you were a radiant bride. Ian, you're a crazy du....bloke. Grats on the bond. Do me a favor and live happily ever after.

Big thanks to Chris Fawkes for helping me here as second shooter. He came in from Melbourne did awesome as a partner. His images are listed below. Thanks again my friend and a HUGE thank you to Bob and Helen for housing me during my stay in Sydney. Your hospitality was amazing!

I saw this trip as a once in a lifetime chance to go the world down under. Australia, you did not disappoint. Happy Tuesday blog world.



Kevin Hillabolt said...

Dang Mr. Hassas, you sure have the awesome sauce. That first shot is stunning.

Rusty Tripod said...

Aspirant shooter who appreciates the individuality and uniqueness of style that you bring to a subject, that so many belabor with cookie-cutter shot lists and a detached participation.

Brittany Rivers said...

One of the most humorous, creative sets I've seen! I love the bride's elegance. The rain shots are crazy awesome!

You better still be shooting weddings when my kids get married!

Jesse Willoughby said...

All of the shots are stunning Kevin. They're almost as good as the pizza sauce he makes! Always dazzlishious....

Really the Ambient Light with the red chair and mirror rocks!

Erin Martin said...

Wow... LOVE the puddle shot, love the chair + reflection, love the kiss, LOVE the jumping pillow and the bridge, LOVE the group shot under the umbrellas, love it all!! Fantastic job! :)

Justin B. said...

So much fun!

Kristy said...

The group shot is killer. killer.

Chris Fawkes said...

Amazing as always, it was a great experience working with you and seeing how you think and create on the day, you're an inspiration Sam.

Both Ian and Sam's personalities were perfectly suited to your unique vision and the sense of fun and energy that you bring to your art.

Hope you can make it back some day.

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