Thursday, March 3, 2011

Villa Ragusa Wedding :: Sharon & David

Sharon and David are just chill. It's the best adjective for them. Neither was flustered and they genuinely were relaxed. I love that. I feel it transpires into the images. Their wedding was at Villa Ragusa in Campbell Ca. Wonderful place that I've had the pleasure of shooting on a few occasions. Bridal Party shots were taken at Hotel Los Gatos. Thanks for letting us crash the place guys. So accommodating. Always.
The bridal party was crazy and up for anything. I like em crazy. ;)

Huge thank you to Ben of for help as second shooter. An equal thanks to Henry for help as assistant. You did more then just haul bags. AWESOME shots guys. Images from both can be seen below.

As a heads up, here is the current order for those waiting on images:

Kristin and Nic
Josh & Jennifer
Feye & Henry
Melissa & Geoffrey
Mary & Savva

We're burning the midnight oil folks. Thanks for the patience! I promise it will be well worth it.


double rainbow...all the way.

The team! Thanks again guys!


Justin B. said...


Brian Kraft said...

Fantastic! So much great use of light and creative framing.

Reese M. said...

I LOVE the ring shot! Very original idea :D

I also really liked the shots where you dragged the shutter...I keep forgetting to do that during my weddings haha.

katie said...

OMG this might be your best work! Blown away, Sam. Beautiful!

applemoon said...

Why'd you make that little boy cry, dude?

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