Monday, March 28, 2011

Las Vegas Engagement Photographer :: Andrea & Alex


This session happened there. It stayed there!
Andrea & Alex will be married down in the L.A. area. Yours truly will be there to document. Vegas is a pretty incredible city. Never remiss for life and color. Suits these rockstars pretty very well. Your wedding is going to be a blast to shoot if the engagement session was any indication.

These guys came to me by Alex's father Gene who is a photographer as well. Always honored when a photographer chooses me to photograph for them. He and his wife Linda are the talent behind SoCal Sunshine. Hire them! They are awesome. :)
Why did we not think to get a shot of all of us!? :S

Like these Vegas pics? GREAT!! I do it again with a brand new couple in a few weeks!


Happy Monday, (evening).

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Justin B. said...


Anonymous said...

FU@K! How the heck do you stay so consistent?

Red Grandma said...

This is definitely one of the best I've seen from you, Sam! Bravo!

julie cahill said...

Gorgeous and Sexy. Love this session. Wish I was there holding something to help. ; )

edward said...

Wow! Creative photography as always.

think bug said...

yay! Vegas! :) the shark tank is one of the items on my to-do list!

think bug said...

yay! Vegas! love the shark tank photo. the first and last photos on this entry, sort of match.

Anon*RN said...

Fabulous!! These capture the heart and soul of love in Vegas! John & I were married at Mandalay Bay, love that place. Love the aquarium shot at the beginning, especially beautiful!

The Memory Journalists said...

Love it! You made Las Vegas look elegant and beautiful! Super duper cool shoot.

Anonymous said...

OUT THE PARK. Some of your best here Sam. Vegas looks good on you... and them.


Sam Hassas said...

Thanks for all the blog love guys. Vegas just works. :)


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