Monday, April 12, 2010

Casa Real Wedding :: Tinna & Wally

Quan wore an Optimus Prime mask. I was Bon Jovi........sand edition.

Here's another from 09' that's finally making it to the blog. Shot this spectacular wedding for some of my favorite clients, Tinna & Wally. So I've shot a good number of weddings at The Palm Event Center. THIS one is at their sister site, Casa Real. SUCH a great place to be married at. Top notch service and as romantic as it gets!

Tinna, your the pinnacle of the beautiful bride. Wally, you and your boys are hilarious. I wish I could post everything we shot here in public but alas, my blog is rated G. Good times.

Big thanks once again to Quan for helping as second shooter here. You'd think I liked the guy or something. Quan if your reading this while still in Vietnam, bring me back a pearl drink.

Cheers folks. Happy Tuesday.



Jacqueline said...

As always I have to declare my favorite pic but the one of the shadow of the bride is awesome!!! Love it! The cake picture came out a wow master too!

Kelly Rashka said...

Great stuff Sam!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

I really like the black and white shot of him carrying her through the doorway. And who's that crazy guy at the bottom? :) Hehe

Luke Snyder Studio said...

I am constantly amazed by the ENORMOUS sets of awesome photos you crank out. From the football scenes to the wedding party portrait, the shadow of the bride to the BALL AND CHAIN!!!, I thank you so much for sharing your creativity!

Ric Blackett said...

As usual the group formal is classic! Flare on the dance shot is nice too.

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