Tuesday, April 20, 2010

San Jose Engagement Photographer :: Jacob & Marissa

We laughed throughout this entire series. Even the serious shots were faked over with huge smile and laughs., (just kidding, they're really in love). Bet the wedding won't be much different. Thanks for the laughs guys.

Big ups to my main man Brandon Miraflor for the referral here. I've known this dude for a long time. I owe you a double double and shake next time we see each other.

Also wanted to send a big ups to Henry Li for helping as second on this one as well. You are a grade A reflector holder. Don't let anyone tell you different.


She kissed him. He swooned.

dig this
love this one too.

This is Henry trying to shake some cherry blossom petals for a shot I was creating. It didn't work but it was still fun.


Anonymous said...

Love the giant, billboard on-lookers!

Shona said...

SAM! You're killing me! The ring on the stiletto heel! So sexy!

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