Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Washington D.C. Engagement Session :: Kristiaan & Lionel

Random Hassas fact. I grew up in D.C.

Say hello to Kristiaan & Lionel. Kristiaan is said, chris-tee-on. Lionel is said....Lionel.
These guys are a no nonsense photography team taking the greater D.C.area by storm.
These guys were so cool to shoot for. When I FIRST started, I thought shooting for other photographers would be the most awful, nerve racking thing ever. FAR from it. When you are shooting for folks that genuinely appreciate what your doing things are easy. I look forward to it now.

Guest what, to top things off here, I had the company of non other then Mr. Tony Schreiber shooting along side me. You can see his take on the session here.
You can see our group shadow shot below. :D

Thanks for the look see folks. Have a great Wednesday!!


After I'm satisfied with the session and feel I have a good dose of great shots, I open it up to some fun, different, artist, whatever shots. Here's one below. :D
My old stompin grounds. **single tear**
The team. :)

Kristiaan got me perhaps the most epic gift that she presented me at the tail end of our session. Get this, a custom made cookie with MY name on it!! HA!!!
It tasted every bit as good as it looked. So good. Thank you Kristiaan!


Veli said...

Like this series Hassas ... especially the couple shadows that come from behind the green leaf.


Lionel said...


Katie said...

LOVE!!!!!!!!! Kristiaan and Lionel, you look awesome and so in love. Sam, unbelievable work!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! love ur victory dance/celebration w the well deserved cookie =oP

Anonymous said...

I LOVE everything about this set!Very creative! Where did she get that cookie???

Rick van der Valk said...

Fantastic set!

Cynthia said...

One of these days.... my mind is gonna whack out and see behind the lens like the awesome Hassass! these photos exceed.

hillary robson said...

I love these-- awesome couple, amazing images. Great job, Sam...I know Kristiaan and Lionel must be over the moon!

Donald Yeager said...

Dear Sam,

OMG! Kristiaan and Lionel are epicly amazing and so are their pics! You kids are lucky...

Lindsay said...

These are stunning! You guys are HOT! Seriously. And how often do you get a chance to photograph people that are awesome behind the camera and in front?!

Lori Nansi said...

These are my abosolute fav engagement photos of all time.
And.. Kristiaan's makeup turned out just the way I hoped it would!
I am in love with the one of her alone!!!!!!!!!

Paul Charette said...

Epic cookie.

Oh, epic images as well, I like them a lot Sam.

Anonymous said...

Holy...wow! Amazing set of photos. The leaf shot and the laying down/dark&light/shadow pic are just ridiculous! Your creativity is out of control!

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