Tuesday, November 23, 2010

San Fransisco Wedding Photographer :: Danielle & Roy

Everyone is life needs a nickname. After meeting Danielle and Roy for 5 minutes, Roy had affectionately dubbed my "Hotsauce". Roy went by "RoyAL", (could you have a more perfect alias?) You guys are the epitome of cool.

Rarely is it that I meet the subjects of my lens the day of the shoot. In the case with Danielle, (whom is a Dr. I might add) and Roy, they were married just the day before and THIS was a post wedding session. Sadly, I was booked and couldn't shoot their fabulous Westin St. Francis Wedding. Lucky for me, they thought enough of my work to hire us for their post wedding session. We even had access to the penthouse suite where they spent their first night as husband and wife. THIS particular suite was even used by our current President, Mrs Obama during a recent trip. Thats pretty Roy-al if you ask me.

We did well guys. REALLY well. Thanks for having me. :)

BIG thanks to Luke from Synder Photography for helping as assistant on this session. Major help my friend. Thanks again! Also wanted to say a nice thank you to the folk over at the Westin St. Francis for the referrals. These good folks were kind enough to to place us on their preferred list for photographers after we shot THIS wedding there last year. Mighty appreciative for the vote of confidence.

It's Tuesday. :)


I love this shot.

Roy had to have this shot. I almost want to get myself a poster of it and put it in the garage with a pool table and neon lights.

Dude, you guys could BLEED cool. What gives man.
No city like our City.

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