Thursday, November 4, 2010

San Fransisco Wedding Photographer :: Emily & James

Emily & Jaaaames sittin in a tree...........

For the record, this was a post wedding session. If I remember correctly, they've been married 3 years. Could YOU fit in YOUR wedding suit/dress 3 years later? It's a nay for me. I've photographed these two separately in a few different weddings but this was the first time they got a session of their own.

Guys, this session banged on all cylinders. You both did awesome. Thanks for having me. It was a pleasure.

Oh, go Giants.



eYeWonder Photography said...

Sam, theres something about this shoot and this couple that just blows me away. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything little thing about everything you posted!!! Great eye as usual and super awesome couple!


ps. my word verification was 'mandisc' <- I find that hilarious :)

Bree said...

These are amazing! I've been looking forward to seeing these since James talked about them on FB!!

sarah said...

These are fantastic! I just love the whole set- can't choose a favorite.
And no. There is no way I could fit into my wedding dress anymore.I guess 4 kids will do that :o)

fotologi said...

Love the way you "see" the subject.

Max said...

that last shot! WOWIE WOWZERS!

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