Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Zipadee Doo Dah

Had a grand time at the Happiest place on Earth. Was shooting a wedding with a fellow photographer, (Tony Shreiber) and decided to take the family with me for once. He and his family were extremely generous. We shared a hotel suite and they were kind enough to allow us the room with the jacuzzi. OH MY GAWD was it awesome. I spent about 10 hour over the course of the 3 days in it.

The wedding was on a Thursday and we arrived on Monday. Lots of first for my family.:

My wife, Monica and Ethan's first time in Florida.

All 3 of our first time in Disney World.

Ethan's first roller-coaster.

To Tony, Maggie, Alex & Max, Thank you for being so kind to my family. You showed us a grea, GREAT time. Ethan will never forget you. :) The only downside was leaving "Goog's" with family. We missed you bub.
Ethan's first Roller-Coaster. By the look on his face it's certainly not his last.

The Wifey. :)

Chicks dig scars
Ethan's expression just makes me die. I LOVE IT.

Tony & Maggie


Sammy said...

Aww looks like fun! Disneyworld is a lot of fun!!!
Ethan is one of the most beautiful boys ever!!
His eyes and lashes are gorgeous...
Mommy and Daddy are going to have to carry a bat around to keep the girls from drooling over him ;) haha. Nice Pics!

Amnah said...

My pictures from Disneyland look NOTHING like that. Ha! Very nice.

Andrew Dillon said...

Man... You better hope ol Walt see's these pics! He'd pay big money for these.. especially the first one of the Epcot!

amanda said...

Ethans lashes are such a dream!

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