Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hillary & John :: Wedding at St. Mary S.F.

Hillary and John tied the knot in an amazing place. St Mary Cathedral has to be one of the most breathtaking churches I've ever been to. It's just bigger then life. Wow. This wedding was really great. Emotions were on high again. The 2 studs in many of the shots are their son's. You might remember them from their engagement/family session I did a few months back.

Scott's Sea Food did an awesome job once again as hosts. Great place to have a reception. YES, that IS indeed the groom with the DJ headphones on. How cool is it to DJ your own wedding. Truth is, John is a pro DJ and like me is at weddings many times a year. Here's a shot out to him and his crew. VERY recommended: Aim 2 Pleez

Thank you Angela Montemayo for an AWESOME job with coordinating. Cheers everyone.



John said...


Hillary & John Lau

Stephanie Osborne said...

Love the dancing and reception shots. Looks like it was quite a party and you've captured it very well!

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