Thursday, October 22, 2009

Davis Family :: Des Moine Iowa

These sweet people flew me all the way to Iowa to do a family session. Such great folks! We had our session at the historic Hoyt Sherman Theater. Lots of great shows have been played there along with one of my most favorite comedians Brian Reagan, (if you have 5 minutes to kill go here: Fig Newtons.

Bella, (the doll in the first shot) even sent me a card with her artwork on the envolope. SO SWEET!! Great, great family. Sarah, (mom) and Chris, (dad) have their own photography business there locally and are holdin it down. Check them out: Sara's Signature Photography.

Good to be with you and looking forward to doing it again next year guys. Hugs to everyone. :)

Happy Thursday everyone.


Somehow, THIS is what I imagine every bother-sister relationship to be like.

The Davis Family

Thank you Hoyt Sherman for hosting us!
I love this so much! What a rare moment. I ordered myself a shot of this for sample.


Http//:www.sarahsignature .com said...

We love them Sam. Thank you! My fav is the oneof Clare and I .

Helenrr said...

Awesome! Love to see a family I love :) photographed with such perception and depth-great photography, captures their love and character(s) very well! Great venue as well!

Aron said...

How do you top yourself over and again. Lucky location and masterful claps.

quan said...

this is good doode. i liek. the ones with the brother and sister on the couch man, i love that!

Graeme said...

This was my neck of the woods! Wish I could have came out to say 'hi'. Great photos. Lovely light.

Mealy said...

That last photo is beautiful!

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