Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kris Mills & Family :: Willow Glenn Lifestyle Session

One of the joys of photography for me is getting a chance to shoot for other photographers. I consider it the HIGHEST of compliments when other photographers trust me to shoot for them in the various arenas of photography. I've had the pleasure of shooting the weddings of about a 1/2 dozen photographers this year and will be doing about double that next year. Awesome and nerve racking at the same time. Always try and bring the "A game".

Kris, (mom in the yellow tee) was here on some vacation from Maui, (kinda backwards right?) and asked if we could have a shoot for the family. Her words, always behind the lens and never in front, (tell me about it). To boot, Grandma, JUST celebrated 95!!!!! WOWZERS. Certainly a reason to celebrate if you ask me. We shot 1/2 of the session at her home in Willow Glen San Jose and the rest was with Kris and her son at a nearby park.

Next time I'm in your part of the world, I'm gonna hold you to a session for me and the family as well Kris. ;) Hope you love you pictures. Cheers everyone. Happy Friday.

Meet Kris's son, his name is Energy :)
This one is very special.

Do you realize where I had to be to get this shot?

My favorite from the day I think.


sarah said...

I esp. love the black & white photos of her grandma. Timeless.

Charlie said...

Awesome shots in the puddle of the young boy. massive props.

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