Sunday, October 4, 2009

Robin & Chris :: Santa Cruz Wedding

Fire fighter and nurse. He saves em, she heals em. That's a wrap.

I think you'll be able to tell from the shots I got from this one that it was a party. Good peoples, good times. Felt like family even. Mom, (of the bride) even gave me a kiss on the cheek. **blushes** :)

Thanks for letting me hang out guys. I think we did pretty good in the photo department, yeah? ;) The GRILL. ahahahahahahaha! Best part of the day. Loved the beach shots as well. You guys are awesomeous maximus.

Gonna stop and thank my buddy Quan for a minute.
There isn't another photographer I'd rather have out as a second shooter then Quan. I've worked with the best there is and that is not taking away from ANY of them as they are all superb. I've flown them in to help me on about a dozen weddings this year. It's just, after you work with someone a while as me and Quan have, you just mesh. The dude knows what I'm thinking and has never dissapointed as a second shooter. He has become an intrical part of the team. His work and image IQ has taken massive leaps in the last year. Just uncanny.

You are superb at what you do bud. Thanks for being awesome. Brides, hire me first. If I'm not available, hire Quan. :)

Quan's. I LOVE THIS.


-quan said...

aw thnx mang. you are the best, i'm always proud when people ask me who i shoot for. Ham Sassas gots it down.

Cassandra G said...

Love the puppy shot!!! And that last picture is gorgeous!!!

Erin said...

Great pictures, for a great wedding!

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