Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Candace & Tony :: Wedding at the Pulgas Water Temple

Hello friends!

Candace and Tony were married at the breathtaking Pulgas Water Temple in Woodside Ca.
Lotsa laughs, tears as well. Everything was really stunning guys. Wonderful job.
Love it when my Brides switch it up for the reception with another dress. In Candace's case it was a traditional red Chinese dress. Yay for lucky red. :)

This couple was exceptionally blessed to have none other then Mr. Spencer Boerup as second shooter. Spencer is an awesome photographer and is king of his market in Tucson Arizona. He's also the creator of Presetopia, processing presets for Abobe Lightroom. If you know whats good for you, (and your pictures) you'd get some presets from Spence. I have a coupon code even, use this when purchasing: samgotthehookup

Take care Earthlings.

Quan And Spencer. Quan is showing off his latest lens, the Canon 50-16-35. Spencer is........I'm not sure what Spencer is doing actually.


Anonymous said...

Haha. Awesome. Missed this set on FM, but dig the ringshot big time. And what the heck is the deal with Quan's set up?

Anonymous said...

You put the Hassas in Hasawesomesas. Fo' serious. It's a real word, true story. It is even used as a verb "Hasawesomesasing" - the act of taking rediculously awesome photo.

Giao Nguyen said...

Beautiful pictures of the wedding. I like it how you were able to capture the moments...especially the one of Candace crying. This is Giao Nguyen. I worked on Candace and the bridal party's hair.

Keith Estep said...

What is that on Quan's 16-35?

Sam Hassas said...

@ Keith. Thats' the 50-16-35L lens conversions. Creates excellent bokeh and reduces the F stop to 2.0 rather then 2.8. There a video on Youtube explaining the process. Excellent:


Charlie said...

The You tube link you gave was only for the Nikon shooters ;)

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