Thursday, July 1, 2010

San Jose Senior Portrait Photographer :: Cody Chestnut

Today he's a senior, 40 years from now he'll be a senior citizen.

Bengay for ALL!!

Calling all seniors!! This year I had to turn away a ton of senior portrait session because of scheduling conflicts. It's wisest to book several months before parties and grad nights. If you want "sauce" call me early.


Oh, side, note. Cody is Ashley's brother. YAY!!

Cody is already super successful. Look, he has his own boat.


Pixel Chic said...

These are beautiful!

jeff ambrose said...

nice nod to a classic on that last one.

Anonymous said...


Rev. and Mrs. Zotzman's Blog said...

Awesome job Sam! You truly caught my brother at his best, these are amazing! Thank you for taking the time to do his senior pictures, He has the best senior pictures ever!!! You truly are "Sam da man"!


senduduk said...

truly beautiful

Tonya said...

These are so cool! And Cody you do look Good

Jacqueline said...

Very good!!!

oopaddy said...

So this is a direct Bressan, well done! Last shot for the win!

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