Wednesday, July 21, 2010

San Francisco Engagement Photographer :: Melissa & Geoffrey

I wish I had a six pack........

Say hello to Melissa & Geoff folks. You'll notice our session had lots of SF in it. WHY? He proposed there! Matter of fact, the leading image was about 3 minutes walking from where Geoff actually proposed. Aawwwwww. Wedding is going to be at Delta Breeze Club at Travis Airforce Base and is looking to be an epic day. YAY FOR US!!

Got a couple more blogs posts in store before the week is out. Stay tuned friends. website coming REAL soon. I'm busting at the seams with excitement. :D


makes me happy.

one of my faves in this set.

A rare behind the scenes appearance by yous truly. Can you spot me?

1 comment:

jonfen said...

I can TOATS see your mad-abs in that last image. ResPEC to those pecs (and pics) yo. =P

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