Friday, July 2, 2010

The Dog Engagement Session :: Sai & Doug

"Gizmo's like our son"

~Sai & Doug
Proud Parents of a Dog

If you're a current client and have a dog.....bring em to the session. :)
This fab couple is getting married at the Brazillian Room in Berkley CA. I've been wanting to put my spin on that place for a while. YAY!!

If you've been waiting on your set, sit back and relax, it coming! I plan on blogging a bunch in the next several days. Cheers and Happy Friday!



Pixel Chic said...

These are gorgeous! She is so beautiful. They looked like a very fun couple to work with. Great job! Have a great weekend.

Jinny said...

these photos are so cute!!!!! Gizmo is totally a model. He stole away all the attention! I am not sure if it's a right stratey to bring him into your engagement shots Sai. lol....anyway...soooo lovely!!

Max A. Franks said...


Paul Charette said...

Still rockin' Sam, awesome stuff. I will bribe you up to Canada with maple syrup one day. :)

Lizard said...

Love the pup...very cute:)

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