Thursday, July 1, 2010

Diana & Dustin :: Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Here's combo set for the faithful. Diana & Dustin liked each other, then loved each other and then decided to get married. It's kinda how it all works. (if this photography thing fails, I'm bound to be a social worker of some kind). We jumped in a river. Yours truly almost fell in, losing 15K in gear multiple times. My next line was gonna be, "I didn't sign up for this!", but I kinda did.

Thanks for the look see. Enjoy the pics folks. Happy Thursday!


Inspiration credit to Mr. Mottola

And the wedding....

The things I do....
Even children agree, Hassas is the way to go.


Joel and Angela said...

As "controversial" as I think that river photo's soooo romantic! I really like it.

Another nice photo shoot.

Pixel Chic said...

So beautiful. These photos are simply breathtaking!

Keith Black said...

These are great professional looking photos.

Alan Woo said...

Great photos as always

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