Friday, June 18, 2010

Brianne & George :: San Jose Engagment Session

If I ever got a tattoo it would be this one.

If ever a location fit a couple/theme perfectly, it was here. Note to self, beach cruisers need to be in every one of my shoots. You guys have style. I cant wait to see what magic you have in store for the wedding. Tacos will be eaten, cakes will be cut!!!

For my female bl;og stalkers, if you need an MUA for your wedding/engagement session or any other special day, Brianne is your girl. Pure talent. :)

Also, BIG thanks to Scott Mosher for coming out to assist. He took some behind the scenes and even some REALLY great shots PJ of the couple. You always bring it dude. The only real thing wrong with him is that he shoots with a Nikon. :(

ikeed ikeed.

Happy Thursday Folks!


Behind the scenes by Scott
Image by Scott


Jacqueline said...

LOL Yeap I would be one of those female blog stalkers!!! LOL Awesome job as always!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Blog stalker, you take beautiful photos! Does Brianne have a website where we can check her work out, as well as get her information?

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