Wednesday, June 9, 2010

San Jose Family Photographer :: The Reed Boys

"Every puppy should have a boy"

V o o V
| Y |
\ Q /
/ - \
| \
| \ )
|| (___\====
Jaden is the big bother. Landen is the baby. Both are destined for future studdom.
I shot this session at the family's home. I really prefer it this way with young ones.
Rather then a dress-up-and-go-to-the-park session, I suggested real session. I love it. Thanks for picking up the peaches Mom and Dad. You can use that shot in about 15 years as some major blackmail to a disagreeable teenager. ;)

On a side note, we're looking to get a dog as well. Looking at many options but ultimately need one that can handle 2 very energetic boys. Ethan (5) Jon-Paul (2-1/2)


Happy Wednesday Folks.

OH, guess what!? It's my Birthday today. :)



Jennifer Connell said...

Aww, cute pics! Love the peach idea! As for a doggy for the boys, try a Lhasa Apso. (They don't shed or get too big.) They're really playful too. And Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! Just so you know the baby's name is Landen, not Laden ;)

jonfen said...

Happy Biiiiirthday! Mine is on the 10th. Although, because our time zones are way out of whack we are having our birthdays on the same day. Epic.

Ps. The post was just as epic as my birthday story. True story.

Paul Charette said...

Happy Birthday Sam!

These are some epic kid shots, like them a lot sir.

As far as doggies go, have a look at labradors - I had a yellow lab for 12 years, amazing dog. They are very well tempered, good with family. Check out here -
(Don't cry at the poem, hard I know)

Take care Sam!

Allana Schreckhise said...

Hey! Great job on the pictures. I love photography, and hope ONE DAY to be a family and general people photographer. I love following your blog, it always inspires me! ;) Also wanted to wish you a happy birthday, although it is a little late!!

The Memory Journalists said...

Sam, You never cease to amaze me! These little boys are just the CUTEST! I'm in love with this shoot! P.S. Happy Belated Birthday
P.P.S. Boxers are terrific with kids, short hair, easy going and very smart. Many are available for adoption through Norcal Boxer Rescue or Petfinders as they require human interaction and can't be left alone all day, everyday.

Chrissy Snow said...

LOVE the pics! Thanks again for capturing my boys in an AMAZING way! As for the dog you can HAVE Lola she loves kids and always takes a beating from Jaden lol...we are partial to yorkies because of allergies and such.

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