Friday, June 4, 2010

Willow Heights Mansion Wedding :: Serena & Andrew

"Knock knock"
"Whose there?"
"Ser who?"

Dude, that was such an awesome intro.
So yeah, they're pretty much married farts now. THANKS for having me guys.

Serena and Andrew were married at Willow Heights Mansion in Morgan Hill. Lots of friends at this wedding as well. My wife was there even!! She pretty much loves me for my body and mad camera skills. Feelings are mutual. ;)

Big thanks to Quan for help as assistant. Quan is basically an honorary Pentecostal now.
Seriously guys, I love me some Quan. Congrats again guys. Here's to many happy years together!

Happy Friday!!

Michelle, we at Hassas Photography would like to extend our deepest apologies in advance for this image. So yeah, sorry and stuff. Any guesses on who Michelle is?

R.I.P. Rev. Jesse Gutierrez. We'll miss you dearly.

This one really convoys how a single image can go from precious to irreplaceable.


cameron brio said...

Love it!

Max A. Franks said...

Brings smiles to my face and tears to my eyes. Beautiful work Sam.

Stephanie Osborne said...

Ok I absolutely LOVE the opening veil shot! Pure awesomeness here... What a touching set!

-q said...

nice doode!

Anonymous said...

i love the last pic!! nice work!!!

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