Thursday, November 12, 2009

Serena & Andrew :: Engaged

Not too often do I get to shoot for friends. These guys actually attend the same church as my family and I, (First Church in the houuuuuse). Serena & Andrew will be marrying in just about a month.

Had a great time with you two. Wedding looks to be grand! Did their session in downtown San Jose and to our surprise, (mine anyway) we ran right into a Sharks tailgate. Being the only ones NOT in teal and black we had to get a shot. ;) Congrats again. Friends and family, feel free to leave your well wishes to the couple. Happy Thursday!


Our love is! Okay so that quote didn't work but the shot is still cool.

I love this 1,000 times.

You guys are great sports. Thanks for putting up with me. ;)


Jason Lee said...

Always top notch Sam, and I love that shot 1,001 times.

elena said...

awesome shoot!!

elena said...

TS! awesome shoot!!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE your ring shot. Totally epic.

Tommie said...

Love these pics! Bro. Sam you are awesome!!! My mija looks so beautiful!

Graeme said...

Ring shot is dangerously amazing.

Alex said...

I love that ring shot!

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