Friday, November 6, 2009

Rebecca & Jeff :: San Luis Obispo Wedding

San Luis Obispo
One of my most favorite places in all the world. I have fond memories of you. I was fortunate enough to shoot Rebecca & Jeffs wedding there. Beautiful setting. They were married The Gardens at Peacock Farms located in Arroyo Grande, (just south of SLO by about 20 minutes. Whats crazy is that I shot a 12 hour wedding in Monterey CA. and then drove to this one that same night. (4 hours). Sam has indeed lost all marbles. Totally worth it though. I'd do it again. :P

Saw some friends I knew and met new ones. Great choice all around guys for location & decor. Really shined. I wish you 2 the BEST in life. Big thanks to my very good friend Dolores for coming out as assistant on this one. You were a great help. Congrats again guys.

Should have a couple more sessions up real soon for those waiting. Thanks for the love everyone. HAPPY FRIDAY!!

We came, we saw, we ate melon.

Fin.....enjoy your new lives guys.
THIS was my other motivation for shooting a wedding 5 hours from me driving. Splash Cafe' in Pismo Beach has THEE best clam chowder...wait for the WORLD. All other clam chowders quiver in fear. Slice of heaven in a bread-bowl.


Spencer Boerup Photography said...

SICK, nice buddy

Patrick Trautfield said...

Gorgeous photos as always Sam. I grew up on the central coast and went to Poly for school but have since moved...I can't wait to go back! It is certainly one of my favorite places :)

Keep up the good work!

Rebecca said...

LOVE the pictures...thanks, sam!

dennis said...

love you style.

you rock!

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