Monday, November 23, 2009

Brittney & David:: Wedding in Lancaster Pennsylvania

Thoroughly enjoyed my time shooting this one with my great friend Tony Hoffer. Though, I've been to Pennsylvania before, (was very young) I'd never seen it during the winter. What a breath-taking place. You and Amy are the best of people Tony. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. He took me to Philly steaks, (no not cheese-steaks. Only non local noobs say that. It's just "steaks". Oh, for all the locals, Pat's KILLED Ginos. Yes, I had both. No contest.

Wedding took place in the city of Lancaster. To me it felt like I was on the set to Little House on the Prairie. Everything is still very green and though the leaves had fallen off the trees, there was still a lot of color. Bride and groom were awesome. Genuinely in love and made Tony and I feel like a million bucks. Also helps to have a fun bridal party that is up for ANYTHING. :)

Enjoy the set guys. Have a look at Tony's set when you get a chance. Cheers and Happy Monday!


Mr. Tony Hoffer.

While in Philly, we met up with some local photographers. Tony took this of me and Jason Presant as a parody to a shot he took that landed him inside Rangefinder magazine. So funny:


Paul Charette said...

So epic Sam. Completely Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. If in fact that makes sense in this case. If not, I'll just go with, FTW!

louis despres said...

really great capture ! so good idea !

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