Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Rockabilly Wedding

Had the privileged of second shooting for my REALLY good buddy Jared of Jared Alvarez Photography a few weekends back. He told me he had an upcoming wedding with a Rockabilly theme. I was all over it. So, what is Rockabilly? I won't even embarrass myself by trying to give a knowledgeable answer. Check out the link provided. It's a meager attempt but still good info. Bottom line is this, it was a crazy wedding with lots of very photographable, (not a word but you knpow what I'm sayin) moments and people. Just so cool.

Stephanie was a beautiful bride. Alyssa Milano anyone? I sure though so. I even told her. Ryan was a cool cat as well. Very fun group of people. Lots of tears, smiles and geniune emotion. I forgot how fun second shooting can be. A freedom to roam and shoot stuff I normally would have time for. I REALLY tried to do some different stuff with these that I always don't have the freedom for in my usually work. Can you tell?

Have a great weekend everyone. Cheers.


Greatest groom getting ready shot you'll ever see. Chuck Norris FTW!!
They meet for the first time.

photojournalism? ;)

They brewed their own beer, thus the beer cap ring shot!
thanks for the time with the B&G J.
the beautiful bride.


jefjanssens said...

Good series but the reflected kiss is truely awesome, love it!!!

Nicole said...

I love the meeting shot. The floor is so awesome and reminds me of the wallpaper in my bathroom - my house is 50 years old :) I also really liked the last shot of them by the stairs. So many terrific shots!

Stephanie Osborne said...

The reflection photo is amazing. Though the bridal portrait is absolutely stunning! Great set!

Brittany Rivers said...


Heather Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the Chuck Norris shot, LOL. That reflection shot of the couple is absolutely beautiful.

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