Friday, July 17, 2009

Lauren & Philip :: Wedding

Some of the sweetest folks I've met in my wedding travels were at this one. Shot Lauren and Philips wedding a couple month's back in Bakersfield. The Quan bomb came out with me. Quan is the coolest Vietnamese dude you'll ever meet. I loves the Quan. The church down in Bakersfield is just breathtaking. The architecture is just superb. Made for wonderful ceremony shots.

Had a classic car there for us to shoot in. My inside shot is an ode to my buddy Mr. Evan Baines. Hope I made you proud dude.

Special shout out to Lauren's mom Rebbecca, (mother of the bride. You have been awesome. Lauren you have a super mom. Philip, you have a super mom-in-law. No really, she was great, very supportive. You're a model for all MOB's. :)

Congrats you 2. My you're new life be the start of many awesome years to come. Do everything together. Eat, drive, read, play Street Fighter. Yeah Street Fighter!! Ken Masters for the win. Hadoken!


Lauren, I apologize in advance for putting these on the Internet. My site gets close to 1,000 hits a day. In the next 24 hrs. 1,000 people will have seen the hair beard, hair cone and hair mop. OMG. Again, I'm sorry. ;)
tooooo adorable. I want one.

Bakersfield! Holla!
My favorite of the day.
Grandma and Grandpa. Very special.

My second fav of the day.

Tied with my second fav.
In between my second and first fav but abouve my third fav.....ummm, yeah.
Behind the scenes. I did a mirror limo shot and SO DID QUAN!! Separate Limo, different times. THAT'S why I love Quan.


Anerino said...
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anerino originals said...

another fantastic set sam! i love the aisle shot...brilliant. i am sure you have another satisfied bride!

Andrew Welsh said...

Dude you are the pentecostal wedding maestro. Way to pwn it!

Brittany Rivers said...

You're a rockstar Sam. Love the bride shot next to the old photo. So awesome!

Amber Huffman said...

This is my favorite couple that you have shot for!!! I just LOVED their engagement pics and their wedding pics are amazing as well!!! I also loved the pic of the bride standing behind the old photo!!! So beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam,

Is that George Clooney shooting that picture in that limo????? HA!! This was DA BOMB!!!!!

Karry (Wilson) Espinoza

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